About Me
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Alan Parks was born to Bill and Jeanette Parks in April, 1953, in Bryn Mawr, PA, USA – the very town in which he was born again – saved through faith in his Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. At the age of 13, he and his brother Lindsay began playing music together – Lindsay on keyboards, Alan on guitar and bass. They played every chance they got, at weddings, private events, etc. After their Mom  called the owner of a local Christian music station and told him about her sons, he agreed to let them open for one of the large concerts that he promoted. And so, on August 17, 1968, The Parks Brothers made their debut. About that night, Alan says that when they were getting dressed, his hands were shaking so badly that he couldn’t even tie his tie! There were 1500 in the audience that night, and the concert was aired live on WBYO Radio in Boyertown, PA. As a result of that evening, The Parks Brothers received invitations to sing at four future concerts. Through the years, the boys recorded on two albums featuring them and other groups, as well as two albums of just themselves. After Lindsay married, they formed a trio – The Parks Brothers and Diane – and traveled and sang fairly extensively, and released several trio albums. However, once Lin and Diane had two children, and Lindsay was extremely busy with medical school, it came time to disband. Their final trio album – “The Parks Brothers and Diane – Featuring Alan” – introduced Alan as a soloist.
Everything changed for Alan in 1972 after he recorded an album entitled “Hymns I Grew Up With”, co-produced by his dear friend John O. Yoder and his hero and mentor, Rusty Goodman. One song from that album – “My Redeemer” – became a Singing News #1, twice. It was also the most-requested Christian song in eight other countries. As Alan says, it opened every door around the world that he’s been honored to walk through. A second recording of worship hymns “William Alan Parks” and then a third ,“Believers Hymns of Worship” completed a trio of worship hymn albums. The large Christian record label Word had taken notice, and signed Alan to record what would be a fourth album of older hymns – “Spend A Day With Me” – an album of hymns well-known to most believers. By the time the last of these albums had reached distribution, and to this day, Alan’s albums have been sold in 193 countries of the world. Later album releases have been a combination of older and newer songs/hymns; including some that he and his big brother Lindsay wrote. But as Alan says, it all began with “My Redeemer”.
Alan married his first wife Carol (Aspenson) in May of 1977, and they had two children; a daughter and a son – Shannon and Alan. They moved to the Annapolis, MD area in 1980 and lived there for 17 years, and it was there that their youngest son Devin was born. By 1989, Alan was extremely busy with both a secular job, and traveling to speak and sing an average of 42 weekends each year. Gradually, his job lost its luster as the Lord was calling him strongly to serve Him full-time. He was commended by their church in Silver Spring, MD to full-time service in 1989 and has remained in that capacity since. Averaging 50 weekends per year, Alan is a visiting speaker and “guest soloist” at a variety of churches. In 1997, the family moved to Myrtle Beach, SC, and all of them reside still in the general area. Sadly, in late 2004, Carol developed two cancers; one of which was extremely aggressive. She died on March 23rd, 2005, just 24 days after Alan’s Dad had been promoted to Glory, and only sixteen months after his Mom had gone Home to Heaven. It was during this terribly difficult stretch that Alan recorded an album entitled “I Dream of Heaven”; twelve songs of loss, hope, and Heaven. Three of the songs are his own compositions, and Lindsay contributed a song for the project that has become a favorite of many.
After a long period of loneliness, magnified by constant travel, the Lord brought Dawna, a Texas beauty and widow, into Alan’s life. Over more than a year, they became best friends, and fell in love. Alan and Dawna were married in May, 2008, and as they call it, “Chapter Two” has been magnificent. He often says how truly blest he has been – to love and be loved by two beautiful girls. They stay in very frequent contact with their “Texas children”, their sons, daughter-in-law, and their gorgeous granddaughter near Austin, TX, and see them as often as they can. Alan’s daughter Shannon and her family live right next door to them. They share a 15-acre property overlooking a 3-acre pond in the country outside of North Myrtle Beach, SC. Alan and Dawna continue to travel, but in a closer radius to home now. Alan hosts “Nightwatch”, a daily hour-long radio program on GNN (Good News Network) throughout the US southeast. Their blended family includes their daughter Shannon, her husband Chris, and their granddaughter McKinley;  their sons Alan, Jr., Devin, Darren, and Glen, Darren’s wife Caitlyn, and their youngest granddaughter Robin. In it all, the Lord has blessed them beyond words.

Since that hot August night in 1968, Alan’s travels have taken him more than six million miles to many parts of the world. Through the years, his Passports bear some 750 Immigration stamps, entering more than 60 countries and back into the USA. He estimates that he’s stood in front of approximately 15,000 audiences, either speaking or singing the same Gospel that transformed his life and has made him a child of God. He has always said that with singing and speaking, he’s had “the best of both worlds”, and is deeply humbled and grateful to have been a little cog in the giant wheel of advancing God’s kingdom.