About Me
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Alan Parks – with his brother Lindsay – sang in their first paid concert on August 17, 1968. They later recorded albums as The Parks Brothers. A few years later, they were joined by Lindsay’s wife Diane, and traveled as The Parks Brothers and Diane, and released two trio albums. With Lindsay in medical school, and he and Diane having two children, they retired from music, with a last album “The Parks Brothers and Diane – Featuring Alan”, which set the stage for Alan’s solo career.

With his father’s help and encouragement, Alan recorded “Hymns I Grew Up With” when he was 19. It’s an album featuring older yet largely-unknown worship hymns, done very simply. One song from that album – “My Redeemer” – became the #1 song in the US (twice) as well as a number of other countries. Alan then released three more albums of older hymns, with several songs from them rising to top-20 and even top-10 songs. His albums have been sold in 193 countries. Several albums have been released in the years since, with six different titles usually available in his online store. 

In 1989, Alan became a full-time evangelist and Bible teacher, while still giving up to 80-90 concerts per year. Through the years, he has traveled more than six million miles, through 49 states, every Canadian province, and more than 60 countries. Since 2017, Alan’s radio program “Nightwatch” has been aired on the Good News Network (GNN.org) on stations throughout the US southeast.

Alan’s first wife Carol died from cancer in 2005, just 24 days after his father had died. Healing for Alan and his three children took several years. Eventually, the Lord brought Dawna – a Texas beauty – into his life. She had also been widowed, and had two sons. Today, their blended family of four sons, a daughter, a son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters are their shared delight. Alan and Dawna reside on acreage inland from North Myrtle Beach, SC, in their new home overlooking a large pond. They love their numerous animals and their life together, and thank God for the many blessings He has given them, and opportunities to share the greatest message of all.