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Christmas 2005

Devin, Chris, Shannon and Me. After Alan and Shannon Gifford had to leave early to drive back home Shannon (Parnell) snuggling up to Alan All six of us at Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure. Top - Chris and Shannon Parnell, Alan Jr. and Me. Bottom: Devin and Shannon Gifford
Two beauties - the two Shannons. My daughter Shannon Parnell on the left, and my daughter-in-law to be, Shannon Gifford, on the right The view from the timeshare balcony, from the screened porch, overlooking Little Lake Bryan My son-in-law, Chris Parnell, seemed to like what he'd gotten. And yes, we did clean the mess up when we were done!
Alan and his fiance, Shannon Gifford Opening presents at 1:30 am! Shannon, Devin, and Alan With Shannon and Chris at The Titanic exhibit, Orlando. At the mockup of the Grand Staircase.
Four of us as we were leaving Universal Studios Shannon and me in Orlando